Your expert in workplace digital wellness.

Your expert in workplace digital wellness.

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What does digital wellness at work look like?

Imagine a workplace where employees thrive in the face of technology . . .

Instead of ambiguous communication, there is clarity.
Instead of distraction, there is focus.

Instead of isolation, there is inclusion, connection, and collaboration.

This is a Digitally Well workplace.

The Digital Wellness Imperative.

The pervasive use of digital technology in workplaces has led to increased stress, burnout, and distractions among employees, negatively impacting their well-being and productivity.

Implementing digital wellness solutions in the workplace is imperative to addressing these challenges. It fosters a healthier work environment, and ultimately enhances overall workplace well-being and performance.

Who is digital wellness training for?

Progressive Organizations

who want to enhance the digital culture of their organization, improve corporate communication, and increase the overall well-being of their employees.

team leaders

Leaders and managers

who want to want to support their teams by modeling positive digital habits, and improve outcomes for both onsite employees, and remote and hybrid teams.

empowered individuals

Empowered employees

who want to increase personal productivity, efficiency, and focus, while enhancing work-life balance.


Improved focus and productivity.

Employees are better equipped to manage digital distractions resulting in improved focus, time management, and productivity.

Boost employee well-being.

Employees with higher levels of well-being report improved job satisfaction, increased engagement, and overall levels of happiness.

Enhanced company culture and reputation.

It’s a competitive advantage for industries to offer digital well-being programs, as it demonstrates the organization’s commitment to holistic care in the digital age, leading to improved retention rates and the ability to attract top talent.

Digital Wellness Training

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Lisa Pender | Founder, Digitally Well Inc.

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