Your expert in workplace digital wellness.

Your expert in workplace digital wellness.

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What does digital wellness at work look like?

Imagine a workplace where employees thrive in the face of technology . . .

Instead of ambiguous communication, there is clarity.
Instead of distraction, there is focus.

Instead of isolation, there is inclusion, connection, and collaboration.

This is a Digitally Well workplace.

Digital Wellness Training

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Digital Wellness @ Work™ Framework

Increased screen time, expectations of being “always-on and available”, digital distractions, and techno-stress are adversely affecting employee health and well-being. Moreover, these ways of working are not sustainable and are contributing to lost productivity, employee turnover, and absenteeism.

The Digital Wellness @ Work™ framework outlines the key areas our digital behaviours relate to that affect employee wellness. When prioritized, these areas can foster a thriving digital environment, improve employee wellness, and contribute positively to company culture.

This model provides the foundation for training and research.

Who is digital wellness training for?

team leaders

Hybrid & Remote Leaders.

Leaders and managers responsible for overseeing remote or distributed teams.

hybrid work teams

Progressive organizations.

Organizations who want to enhance the digital culture of their organization, improve corporate communication, and the digital well-being of employees.

empowered individuals

Empowered employees.

Employees working in environments that heavily rely on digital devices for daily tasks and communication.


Improved focus and productivity.

Help employees to eliminate distractions and create healthier digital habits, resulting in improved focus, time management, and better performance.

Boost employee well-being.

Employees with higher levels of well-being report improved job satisfaction, increased engagement, and overall levels of happiness.

Enhanced company culture and reputation.

It’s a competitive advantage for companies to offer well-being programs: leading to improved retention rates and the ability to attract top talent.

Join the list of organizations who are prioritizing digital wellness.

“We truly enjoyed Lisa’s talk, especially the points about being an intentional and active user of technology.
When we surveyed participant team members, we found that 95% of them felt the webinar was very valuable, and would be applying the strategies to their personal and work lives.

We would highly recommend Lisa because she covers many facets of the digital wellness topic discussed– a holistic approach that applies to anyone! She also presented in a clear and concise manner.

Thank you Lisa, your work is truly impactful.”

Bell MobilityJoyce & Jocelyn, Communications Team, Bell Canada


Lisa Pender | Founder, Digitally Well Inc.

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