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“We truly enjoyed Lisa’s talk, especially the points about being an intentional and active user of technology. When we surveyed participant team members, we found that 95% of them felt the webinar was very valuable, and would be applying the strategies to their personal and work lives.

We would highly recommend Lisa because she covers many facets of the digital wellness topic discussed– a holistic approach that applies to anyone! She also presented in a clear and concise manner.

Thank you Lisa, your work is truly impactful.”

Joyce and Jocelyn, Communications Team – Bell Canada

Bell Mobility

“Virtual EI was a new take on how we can apply EI skills into our work, as we communicate more and more through email, and not as much face-to-face. Bringing awareness to factors that may change communication styles from one person to another is of great value to be knowledgable of in any work environment where age, gender and backgrounds of employees, and the people we communicate with, differ.

Lisa’s facilitation style was well suited to our organization and staff enjoyed the content of her training. We hope to work with her again on other training opportunities she offers.

Amanda, HR Coordinator – District of Parry Sound

“Excellent presentation. Lisa was clear, engaging and kept on-topic–very informative session.”

Nitashia, Northern Lakes College

“You were honestly amazing! The info was so helpful and helped re-frame tech for me. Thank you so much!!”

Shari, St. Joseph’s Hospital

Progressive organizations have prioritized digital wellness.
of participants ‘strongly agree’ that Lisa is an engaging and inclusive instructor.
of participants agree, or strongly agree, they can make positive changes to their work as a result of their training.
of participants would recommend training to others.