Digital Wellness training is designed to address pressing modern-day workplace challenges.

From virtual emotional intelligence, to elevating hybrid and remote leadership skills, and fostering digital well-being in the workplace—
these sessions offer practical strategies and valuable insights to enhance productivity, engagement, communication, and overall workplace well-being.

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One of the most significant stressors facing employees today is the pressure to be “always on” and available due to technology. Furthermore, endless streams of notifications and digital distractions are contributing to decreased productivity, lack of creativity, stress, digital overload, and burnout.

This session aims to improve employee performance and well-being by promoting pro-active, healthy digital habits. Participants will explore the impact of technology on their health and well-being, obtain strategies to optimize their physical and digital work environments, create healthy communication boundaries, and learn actionable digital self-care and mindfulness strategies to support them at work and beyond!

Hybrid & Remote Leadership

remote leadership

Seamless communication. Energized and engaged remote teams. Trust and cohesion that transcends physical boundaries.

As a leader, you know these are the keys to success in a virtual environment, yet achieving this comes with its fair share of challenges. This session is designed to help bridge the gap between (traditional) face-to-face and online leadership skills, and provide an innovative approach to managing and motivating teams.

In this session, leaders will gain insights into virtual emotional intelligence™, learn best practices to foster team collaboration and engagement, and explore ways to effectively build trust and meaningful connections with remote teams. And while face-to-face leadership remains important, the ability to adapt to these evolving work models is crucial for the success of leaders and organizations in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

Elevating Hybrid & Remote Work Performance

In an era where hybrid and remote work has become the norm, mastering the art of productivity, focus, and self-care in these dynamic work environment is essential. This session is designed to equip employees with the skills, techniques, and strategies necessary to thrive when working off-site. Discover proven productivity hacks and time-saving strategies that will empower you to accomplish more in less time. Uncover effective methods for minimizing digital distractions and maximizing focus. Learn how to optimize your physical and digital work-space and remain motivated working from home. Participants will also explore the four key strategies to effectively collaborate and communicate with virtual teams.


Move beyond the basics of emotional intelligence to acquire the insights and strategies needed to excel in today’s DIGITAL workplace.

Building on Daniel Goleman’s five pillars of emotional intelligence, participants learn how human emotion changes across digital channels and can leverage this information to navigate the nuances, complexities, and pitfalls of the modern digital world. Participants will learn strategies to strengthen virtual relationships, and elevate online communication in a way that promotes trust, respect, and understanding.

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